Classy availability management app

Hello, my name Thibaut Assus, and, with my team, I created this website.

I would like to explain how it works, but first I'll tell you a story.

One day, someone asked me what was my availability to work on his website project. So I said:

If only ...

... he had access to my availability and could book me without my intervention...

I needed a clear and easy way to show him my available days and a link to a google calendar wouldn't be enough.

So I decided to create an interactive page to expose my availability to him giving him a way to interact with it.

Then I sent my newly created page to my client, and I explained how he could book me. He had only to visit this famous page, click on the days when he wanted to work with me, and submit the form. At this point, the page was not as simple and clear as now :).

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I've been surprised by the speed with which the client had adopted the tool. He immediately understood that this tool would allow him to improve his website easily and quickly, and cheaply, especially because he would only book the days he really needed.

So he booked me, and I immediately received a booking request. I accepted it with a click.

This is where I had a revelation!

The client, while booking me these few days, was involved in some way, while I was keeping control of my time. But what happened next was even more incredible. These first days I performed then with the client were the most effective days of my life at this time. You will tell me: What difference does it make to be booked days, regarding efficiency ?

It's pretty simple: the customer, when he reserves one day, is sure he has work for you during this day. He prepares all the things he might need for the day. And when this day comes, it's like ruby ​​on rails becomes ruby ​​on rails on rails (for those who do ruby, for others, I am still looking for another metaphor ;)). During this first day, I was very very effective. I post-rationalized. I thought it worked well because it was the first day, or because the client was a good customer.

But in fact, I came to realize that this tool was helpful. The fact that the customer could choose exactly the number of days he was booking me, and exactly when was very reassuring for him.


This idea was confirmed to me later... when my client did book me again. Again, he had prepared everything for this day and we got really effective.

I was happy, my client was happy. I had this amazing tool in the hands, and I kept it jealously, and one day I thought I'd share. That's why you can now put your hands on, and use it for your own clients. I named it !


I observed another phenomenon later, when a second client wanted to book me. When I showed him my schedule and my remaining days, he said he had to book me fast ! So he booked my days in anticipation.

When my first client saw this, he hurried to book my remaining days.

I became a scarce resource!

All I am telling you did not happened only to me. Dimitri ?

Freelancebooking is definitely a great tool for Freelances like me. It allows me to easily share my availability with my clients and ensure they book me before someone else does, plus they understand that the rule is “first arrived, first served” !

Service pricing

I hesitated for the pricing of Freelancebooking. I certainly was not going to make a nth cheap software and of poor quality. No, certainly not. But I also wanted it to remain accessible to everybody.

So I decided to offer it for only 24.90 € excl. tax (29.88 € incl. tax) per month. By a very simple measurement. Taking a daily rate of 300 € (~ 400 USD), the annual investment pays for itself in one working day!

In addition, you can test the tool for 14 days free of charge. And you have a free half-hour premium 1 to 1 coaching with me to implement the tool with your customers (limited spaces).

One more thing ...

... I want to share with you before you register. There is the story of the first day, the first time, the very beginning of the client's project:

How a customer will accept to book you that first day?

A technique which works well is the "money back garanteed". The client has nothing to loose by accepting this option. And you, as you are amazing at your job, do not risk much either.

Ah yes, I forgot ... everything I told you was the basic idea of ​​the project, but is an amazing tool, with lots of secrets, but I keep some for later ;).

Now you will ask me how you can register to this incredible service and to the half hour of 1 to 1 coaching on how to set up the service with your customers?

I'll tell you that It's up to you to click the green button...