Freelancebooking, a tool to expose your availability and be booked by your clients

You just signed up on Freelancebooking, here is you calendar. By default, you are not available at all. Image1   new user e75f78efb304d6534f1313582e716bb6521ade65825b03cecca26edd968bfefd

Click on days you're available : they render in white Image2   select availabilities 3edffee0e719f00c41b192c0aab69e15aa396878ec1f4f275fc36c3c442adbb3

Share your public profile url to your client, he'll book you with ease

When a customer send you a request, you receive a mail notification and you can see a new request waiting in your space. Image3bis   a new request 63e0b3a96c3a700a560a08f9675da5462661c2a9d1acbd44ded31677fc7bdaf8

In the "Reservations" tab, you can find the specification of every request (client's mail, client's message, concerned days) Image3bis   waiting request f50ccb714c9aeb403074ea907d6d86d32a74da365fa87fe6a1c92c3973d99c25 To accept a request, click first on "Accept". Then, you're redirected on a confirmation page where you can write a message that will be send to your customer by mail (a mail will be send to alert the customer in all case that you accepted to work with him/her).

The request wont be accepted until you confirm it Image4   confirm accept booking request ef5289fea1dd1c5becea00947406d1a7313e15e6bfcccc43e4694010e25ed2ad

Once the request is accepted, concerned days render in red in your calendar Image5   request accepted (agenda) 0af0700e768db7db2f26180706224367fa85e01702f34fed96bea2b785618eed

If you need help, or you want to give any feedback, or anything else, please send us an email : thibaut - at - milesrock.com we'll be happy to help you as much as we can !